Monday, December 2, 2019

Algebra II - Tuesday December 3 2019 Graphing Parabolas Precisely in Vertex Form | Part 1

We learned how to get the vertex, axis of symmetry, solving for x, x-intercepts, and y-intercept from the vertex form of quadratics/parabolas.

Tuesday 12/03/2019 Part 1/2

Tuesday 12/03/2019 Part 2/2

Algebra II - Monday December 2 2019 Solving for x in Vertex Form | Day 2

We finished the last portion of the notes for solving for x in vertex form.

Monday 12/02/2019 One Video Only

Geometry - Monday December 2 2019 Bell work (Rich Task) + Review of Special Right Triangles in Final Format

We first did a bell work on multiple transformations.

Monday 12/02/2019 Part 1/2

Then, we reviewed 45 45 90 and 30 60 90 triangles, but we wrote the answers by showing the math work and explaining how we got them, just like what we will see in next month's midterm.

Monday 12/02/2019 Part 2/2

Discrete Mathematics - Friday December 6 2019 Zero Matrix and Identity Matrix | Day 2 + TI-84 Calculator and Matrices

We finished zero and identity matrices. We also learned how to input these on the graphing calculator. Friday 12/06/2019 Part 1/2 Friday...